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Mom's Too-Real Cartoons Showing The Struggle Of Raising Teens Have Parents Everywhere Saying 'Same'

Mom's Too-Real Cartoons Showing The Struggle Of Raising Teens Have Parents Everywhere Saying 'Same'

Parenting teens is a piece of cake, said no one ever.

But being a teenager is no walk in the park either.

Not that your teenage kids deserve a free pass full time, but parents also tend to forget their own experiences with the same trials and tribulations of navigating through adolescence.

Admit it. Our younger selves were not easy to live with as our emotional outbursts were often the result of unrequited crushes and acne explosions.

But rather than getting agitated, artist Annie Kurzweg found an outlet for her frustrations raising three teenagers.

The self-described "Depicter of everyday household complaints and lunacies," according to her Instagram page, found a tongue-in-cheek way of ordering her kids to do chores around the house, because who likes barking the same orders repeatedly?

Even though Kurzweg studied art, she draws cartoons the old-school way. By hand.

She told the Huffington Post:

"I've never done any digital artwork at all."
"I just really like the quiet of sitting down at the end of the night when I have a few minutes and drawing."

Her relatable artwork was originally shared on her Facebook page, but her kids encouraged her to share the funny cartoons with a wider audience on Instagram.

Scroll through and see which ones seem most familiar to you, either as a parent or a teen.

There's nothing more terrifying than clutter. But who needs Marie Condo when you have very willing, helpful teenagers in your own home ready to spark much joy by cleaning up!

Valentine's Day sucks for good clean fun.


The job's a game!

The light bulb went on with this simple reminder to save electricity.

And electrical costs.

Ah, yes. The teenage attention span is all too familiar.

Hello. "What's your name?" "My name is..." "zzzzzzzzzzz."


Teenagers aren't the only ones guilty of this.


When translated, these concepts compute.


This pie chart puts it all into perspective.


Some pantry doors are better left shut.


The teenage metabolism is sorely missed.


When the Post asked between raising a toddler or teen which was the most difficult, Kurzweg said it was a toss up.

"Parenting is just hard no matter the age."
"It's trite, but each age has such joys and such difficulties. I feel like you don't sleep when they're older and you don't sleep when they're younger for different reasons. I remember thinking it was hard when I had a toddler and I think it's hard now."

The challenges of raising kids are universally understood.

But the love you get in return is the ultimate reward, isn't it?