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Michael Jackson Impersonator Goes Viral After Using Chokehold To Subdue Man During Street Brawl

Michael Jackson Impersonator Goes Viral After Using Chokehold To Subdue Man During Street Brawl

In Las Vegas, a Michael Jackson impersonator went viral after taking down a man trying to pick a fight using Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) techniques.

That impersonator showed he's not the one to be messed with. His name is Santana Jackson and, along with MJ impersonation, he also is a professional wrestler.

The video shows a man with a green "Can't Fix Stupid" t-shirt swinging wildly at Jackson, who blocks the hits easily.

The King of Pop impersonator sees a fleeting moment where the man put his arms down and seizes it.

In a flash, both people are on the ground. The man in the green shirt is flat on his back and grabbing onto Jackson's shirt and then hair as Jackson gets on top of him and makes his way from a side mount into a choke hold.

The heckler tries to keep a hold onto Jackson's hair but was unable to hold on from being in the choke hold.

At this point, a crowd is starting to form. The person taking video gets closer to the men on the ground as people attempt to break up the fight.

People are shouting:

"Get him, Mike!"

Eventually, the two are separated. Michael Jackson walks away while the man in the green shirt slowly gets up off the ground.

The video has already reached 2.2 million views and over 100 comments.

The comment section could not resist making jokes about the humiliating scene.

Jackson posted about the incident on his Instagram page.

The caption explained what happened before the video and why it went down the way it did:

"That's why I train."
"I'm not trying to hurt this guy, just trying to restrain him from swinging at me."
"So I was performing and this guy came out of nowhere and started hitting me, so I have to put him down for his own good."
"Please know I don't think fighting is the answer, so try to avoid a fight if u can. Stay safe."

Luckily, no one was seriously injured during the tussle thanks to Jackson's MMA training.