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Video Of 'Pearl' Star Mia Goth Goes Viral After Fans Can't Believe What Her Real Voice Sounds Like

The London-born 'X' and 'Pearl' actor's true accent is a far cry from her southern drawl in the hit horror film series.

Mia Goth
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for SCAD)

London-born model and actor Mia Goth is most recently known for her back-to-back roles as Maxine and Pearl in the psychological slasher films Xand Pearl (which she also co-wrote).

The soon-to-be trilogy (MaXXXine comes out next year) is set in rural Texas, and many fans forget that Goth's thick southern accent is not her actual voice.

Interview videos are making the rounds on Twitter, and people are completely caught off-guard by her British accent.

You can listen in the clip below.

Being that her natural voice is far from her Pearl drawl, fans of the actor were shook.

Though Goth was born in London, she spent her time living in both Brazil and Canada, her mother's and father's home countries, respectfully. When she was 12, Goth and her mother returned to London.