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We Are Mesmerized By This Photographer's Dogs And Powder Photos

Jess Bell is a Canadian photographer who specializes in animals.

Don't confuse her with your run of the mill nature photographer, though.

Jess specializes in capturing animals in motion - showcasing their athleticism. Her pictures are usually full of movement and action, and she's always looking for new ways to showcase what the animals are capable of.

Jess decided to try covering dogs in colorful powder to accentuate their movement in the image - and the results are so magical, you guys.

If you don't know what holi powder is, we'll explain. Holi is a Hindu holiday that just seems like a blast to celebrate. The spring festival marks the victory of good over evil and involves a bonfire, great food, and a giant color fight with brightly colored pigment powder!

Jess had some powder, she had some athletic animals, so why not combine the two? There were a few test shoots before she got it to look the way she wanted, and even they're epic.

Testing, testing:

She even tried it with a horse!

Once she got the process down the way she wanted it, she called upon a few friends. Those friends just so happened to own agility dogs.

This is canine agility.

With a pug!

Mr.Orn Kampf Mops Mopsrennen Sieger Agility Wapelfeld

Those agility dogs just so happened to be great models. Jess Bell's final series of dogs covered in holi powder is honestly pretty incredible.

It's full of bold color, amazing movement, and some of the best excited dog expressions the internet has seen in a while.

Check these out.

People are really into it.



Jess accompanies each image with a description. Yes, there's usually some fun facts about the doggos, too.

She also makes sure to acknowledge Andrea Zachrau. Zachrau is another photographer who originated the style and whose work inspired Jess.

Andrea's images feature predominantly horses, but the same boldly colored style is prevalent.

You can catch more of Jess Bell's work here.