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WATCH: 'Mean Girls' Deleted Scene Sparks New Fan Theory

WATCH: 'Mean Girls' Deleted Scene Sparks New Fan Theory

A deleted scene from the 2004 hit film Mean Girls has recently reemerged online, and while it seems like a scene that kind of makes sense to have not made the cut, there are some interesting theories about what its original intent really was.

If you haven't seen the film, or it's been a while, here's a refresher for where the scene most likely would've fit into the movie: new-girl-in-school Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) has a secret mission to take down quintessential mean girl and leader of "The Plastics" Regina George (Rachel McAdams), and is stealthily sabotaging her at every turn.

And while a short flash of the scene was shown in the trailer, it somehow found itself on the cutting room floor.

In the deleted scene, Cady, with the help of her friend Damien (Daniel Franzese), rigs a cafeteria table, and it doesn't quite go as planned.

See for yourself:

As you can see, the table was clearly meant to spill food all over Regina, thus embarrassing her in front of the entire school and damaging her street cred. But when she gets distracted, it ends up collapsing onto poor Karen (Amanda Seyfried). Regina laughs, and Cady feels bad that it backfired so horribly.

Clearly, it wasn't necessary to advance the plot, as there were many better sabotages to feature, and so it was nixed. End of story.

Or IS that the real backstory?

There is another theory that was presented by Indy100 that, in actuality, Cady does want the table to spill onto Karen and pretends to be shocked because she wants Regina to laugh in Karen's face. If you remember, the list that Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan) creates to assure Regina's downfall involves getting rid of her "army of skanks," which includes Karen.

By having Regina laugh at Karen in public, the stunt would supposedly aid in doing that, which the original theory doesn't. And if stripping Regina of her boyfriend, Aaron, and getting rid of her "'hot' body" are the other two items on the list, spilling a table full of food onto her wouldn't necessarily help with that. But perhaps the scene was too confusing with its multiple layers, and therefore needed to be cut.

Let's be honest. It's probably a bit of stretch.

But it's at least an interesting theory though, no?

Either way, we're still pissed that it didn't make the final film.

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