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TikTok Is Turning A McDonald's Shake Honoring Grimace's Birthday Into A Hilarious Horror Trend

The Grimace Shake, honoring the purple character's 52nd birthday, is apparently far more sinister than we imagined.

Grimace and Ronald McDonald;screenshot from a TikTok video
Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Macy's, Inc.;@sneakysquid99/TikTok

You might have heard it's Grimace's 52nd birthday. If you don't know who Grimace is, he's the fuzzy purple character associated with McDonald's.

In celebration, McDonald's put out a frozen berry-flavored milkshake honoring the character.

However, TikTok started a trend involving the somewhat creepy character as their own form of tribute.

In the videos that have flooded TikTok, someone is seen wishing Grimace a happy birthday. They then take a sip of the shake.

Once the user takes the sip, the image shifts into Grimace and his evil concoction bring a horrific death upon its sipper.

Here are a few of the videos.

The comments on social media are almost as amusing as the videos.


The trend is pretty smart and the videos are very creative and a lot of fun.