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GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz's Tweet Thirsting Over A Photo Of Tiffany Trump Makes Twitter's Skin Crawl

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz's Tweet Thirsting Over A Photo Of Tiffany Trump Makes Twitter's Skin Crawl
Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee via Getty Images; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

GOP Representative Matt Gaetz has developed a reputation for being on the Donald Trump's most ardent admirers, often going on Fox News to defend the President.

Now, it seems like that admiration might extend to one of the President's daughters.

After Tiffany Trump posted a selfie, Gaetz quote-tweeted the photo with a thirsty reply, and it's left Twitter throwing up in its collective mouth a little bit.

Gaetz's tweet was in response to a photo Tiffany posted of herself posed in the White House in a form-fitting, fire engine-red pantsuit.

And it seems the photo got Gaetz good and hot: He responded with a series of emojis: flames, a heart, a heart-eyes smiley face and a thumbs-up. The response is bad enough on its face--it's cheesy and juvenile at best, sexist and presumptuous at worst, not to mention potentially embarrassing to Trump.

After all, who wants to open Twitter to find some horny Congressman digitally leering at you like the social media version of a whistling construction worker? Gaetz's status as a sitting Congressman gives the whole thing an illicit feel, like he's making a move on the boss's daughter or something--but doing it in public.

And the age difference between the two doesn't help matters: Gaetz is 38, while Tiffany Trump is 27. All in all, the whole thing kind of smacked of the horny volleyball coach leering at the co-ed--gross and creepy, and even moreso for a sitting politician.

For her part, Trump didn't seem to mind: She quote-tweeted Gaetz's tweet with a string of emojis of her own.

But folks on Twitter were simply not having it. Their reactions ranged from disbelief, to anger, to plain-old grossed out.

Here's hoping that if nothing else, we won't have to watch sitting Congressman mack on the President's family members once the new administration takes office.