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Maskless Woman Asks Cop 'What Are You Going To Do, Arrest Me?'—Is Immediately Arrested

Galveston Police Dept.

A Galveston, Texas woman is facing charges of resisting arrest and criminal trespassing after refusing to don a mask in a private establishment and taunting a police officer.

65-year-old Terry Wright got cheeky with police after being asked to wear a face mask in a local bank. Wright was under the impression because Texas' mask mandate was lifted by Republican Governor Greg Abbott, she was permitted to flout the bank's private mask rule.

She was very wrong.

"What are you going to do, arrest me?" she asked a Galveston police officer who showed up to enforce the rule.

So he did.

Wright then spoke to local news network KTRK, saying she had no regrets about her anti-mask indignancy.

"My civil right is not to wear a diaper on my face, and that's how I feel about it," she said.

As she was being arrested, Wright declared she was experiencing "police brutality, right here people," to which several patrons also in line for the Bank of America dissented.

"No," one can be heard saying.

"No it's not," said another.

Wright told The Washington Post she believed the pandemic was a conspiracy to control Americans and likened mask-wearing to the death camps of Nazi Germany.

"I feel like I took one for the team, because people need to wake up," she said, adding "people can't cancel me, I'm retired."

Galveston police spokeswoman Stacy Papillion said Wright will still be charged for trespassing, regardless.