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Trump's Chief Of Staff Blasted After Openly Flouting Social Distance Protocol To Greet Supporters


Mark Meadows, President Trump's Chief of Staff, raised more than a couple eyebrows while visiting his home state of North Carolina last Monday, August 24.

While greeting supporters, video was captured of Meadows shaking numerous hands and kissing cheeks, all without wearing a mask.

Meadows's behavior goes against North Carolina's policies—the state issued a mask mandate to deal with spiking virus cases.

Similarly brazen behavior lead to the death of prominent Republican Herman Cain, but Meadows seems unconcerned.

The crowd took Meadows's lead, ensuring that their chances of spreading the virus were as high as possible.

Making matters worse, it seems many of the supporters who came out to greet Meadows were already vulnerable to illness due to their age.

There's little doubt online that Meadows couldn't risk wearing a mask and annoying his boss, President Donald Trump.

Mark Meadows and many other Republicans continue to make it clear that, in their minds, "returning to normal" is more important than protecting their constituents from danger.