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Mark Hamill Just Roasted Trump's New 'Spiritual Biography' With Some Other 'Recommended Titles' 😂

Mark Hamill Just Roasted Trump's New 'Spiritual Biography' With Some Other 'Recommended Titles' 😂
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President Donald Trump, adulterer and incorrigible liar, is beloved amongst American evangelicals. Though they don't agree with any aspect of his life style, from his self aggrandizing to his opulent wealth, they do love the way he appoints conservative justices to the courts, especially Supreme Court judges like Neil Gorsuch.

If it means advancing their political goals, many evangelicals are willing to get behind literally anybody who can win, even if that person is the absolute antithesis of the lives they aspire to. Hence, the new "spiritual biography" of a man whose "complex" relationship with religion is all the more profound for his barely having attended any church services during adulthood.

Mark Hamill, the actor you may know as Luke Skywalker, pitched some other biographies hypocritical readers may find enjoyable!

Hamill's followers also had some ideas—many of them inspired by his movies.

No public figure is above reproach when it comes to "spiritual biographies!"

Trump's Christian journey will have some very steamy passages...

The new book reminded some Twitter users of another TV personality's novel:

But what's actually between the covers of Trump's new book?

Stop by the bookstore and pick up all of these little-known titles!

And if you enjoy this installment in the Trump-faith franchise, check out the whole series!

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