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Fox News Host Dragged After She Whined On Air About How Many Twitter Followers She's Lost

Fox News

Maria Bartiromo of Fox News complained during a broadcast this past Tuesday, January 26, that she'd lost about 100,000 followers after both the failed January 6 insurrection she helped incite and President Joe Biden's inauguration.

Bartiromo was joined by Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri.

Hawley appeared on yet another primetime broadcast to claim he's being "muzzled" by the left.

Twitter mercilessly made fun of Bartiromo for her whining.

Thinking about her lost Twitter followers, Bartiromo seemed close to tears.

She can apparently think of no greater miscarriage of justice than people choosing to unfollow her.

Bartiromo's follower count may have also been impacted by Twitter's recent purge of QAnon conspiracy accounts.

With so many real issues in the world, a primetime television segment from a sitting Senator and a well-known TV personality titled "The Left's Censorship Obsession" didn't ring true for many online.

Despite losing many of her followers, Bartiromo continues to appear on Fox News regularly, which means her "censored" ideas are still heard by millions on a daily basis.