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Man Finds A Strange Cat And 4 Kittens Under His Bed—And He's Suddenly A 'Cat Dad'

Man Finds A Strange Cat And 4 Kittens Under His Bed—And He's Suddenly A 'Cat Dad'

When London-based filmmaker Paris Zarcilla went upstairs to retrieve his sweater, he had no idea his life would be forever changed by the furry intruders lurking beneath his mattress.

A cat had taken up residence in a cozy nook under his bed and had given birth to four kittens.

Because Paris didn't have it in his sympathetic heart to kick out the visitors who couldn't speak for themselves, he was left with no other option than to become "Cat Dad."

"So... I JUST FOUND A CAT THAT IS NOT MINE AND IT HAS HAD BABIES UNDER MY BED," Paris wrote on Wednesday morning. His tweet has since clawed its way up to 22 thousand likes.

Paris looked into the cat's adoring eyes and questioned his fate: "Am I a dad?" Based on his followup tweets, he is meow.

You know that paraphrased saying: "Don't go looking for love, it will find you?" This couldn't be a more prime example.

In an instant, he's adapted to his new role as Cat Dad with aplomb.

Yeah, this guy is screwed. And we're so happy for him.

His enthusiasm over the new discovery proves that having a pet can truly enhance our lives.

According to BMC Psychiatry, pet ownership can have lasting benefits to mental health. Based on how the new members of the household instantaneously lifted his spirits, the cats truly are a panacea to Paris's anxiety and depression.

The hashtag made him an official "Cat Dad," and those kittens couldn't ask for anyone better.

Twitter congratulated the new, proud father.

He was greeted by a pet enthusiast who gave the new parent some helpful tips.

The big mystery is still on people's minds.

In case anyone was concerned, Paris continues making efforts to reunite the cat with its owner but hopes for a different outcome.

It's not surprising that a cat wandered through Paris's open backdoor and found a cozy spot to give birth. Purina UK notes that cats "often try to sneak away to give birth in private" and the comforting location happened to be the perfect place.

Life threw Paris a furrball and it looks like he's keeping it.

We wish the new father many years of happiness.

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