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Man Nurses Coyote Pup Back To Health During Rafting Trip After Saving It From Drowning Using CPR

Man Nurses Coyote Pup Back To Health During Rafting Trip After Saving It From Drowning Using CPR
Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan/Facebook

A coyote pup is said to be “doing well" after being rescued from drowning by a rafter using CPR.

A rafter named Justin saw the coyote pup drowning in a river in Canada, rescuing him from the water and performing life-saving CPR on the animal.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan (WRSOS), who took the coyote in, posted to Facebook:

“While he was fishing, he heard something in the water squeak – and that's when he saw some sort of animal swimming in the river."
“Justin tried to reach for the animal but ended up falling in the freezing cold water as well.
“Unfortunately, when Justin brought the animal back to his raft, the little coyote pup was unconscious and didn't seem to be breathing.
“The pup was lucky yet again as Justin had experience with CPR and was able to do a modified Heimlich maneuver by pushing on its belly. After a few pushes, water squirted out of the coyote's nose and he was breathing again."

The WRSOS explained that the coyote, now named YipYip, joined Justin on the remainder of his rafting trip after the rescue.

“As Justin was rafting and had limited service over the next 10 or so days, he kept the coyote with him and cared for him the entire time," the wildlife rescue organization posted.

“The little pup would eat with Justin, cuddle in his jacket, and sleep in his backpack while they rafted down the river. Justin ended up naming the little guy YipYip and took really good care of him throughout the trip."

Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan/Facebook

YipYip has now been taken to a coyote rehab center run by a veterinarian named Dr. Blager.

Bonnie Dell, president of WRSOS, told the PA news agency:

“She already had a couple of orphaned coyote pups so YipYip has siblings now."
“I spoke with her the other day and she said he is doing well, and she was unable to get a recent picture of him because they all hide when anyone goes near the huge enclosure they are in!"
“He is wilding up, has a healthy fear of humans now, and will be released back in to the wild in the fall."