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Trump Supporter Accuses The Queen Of Being A 'Reptilian' Shape-Shifter In Bonkers Interview

Trump Supporter Accuses The Queen Of Being A 'Reptilian' Shape-Shifter In Bonkers Interview

Absurd claims the world is run by lizard people have persisted among conspiracy theorists for decades but are now receiving more attention after a video of a Trump supporter accusing Queen Elizabeth II of being a "reptilian shape-shifter" went viral.

The video was shared by The Good Liars, a comedy duo known for lampooning American politics with digs at Chick-fil-A, Scientology, Fox News, QAnon, the Trump family and former New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie.

You can watch the latest video below.


Talked to a guy at a Trump rally that thinks the Royal family might be Reptilians. #fyp #funny #interview #tglnyc #awkward #reptile

The reptilian conspiracy theory has been around since at least the 1920s but was popularised by David Icke, a British conspiracy theorist who claims a race of reptilians gain political power to manipulate world events and keep humans living in fear. Icke has claimed many world leaders are, in fact, reptilian beings.

And according to the unidentified man in the video, all of this is true.

The man said:

"With the England, the Queen of England, her family could be, from what I understand, we could even go reptilian type of people maybe."
"You can see it in their eyes... the evil. Ship... ship-shaper... shift, yeah, shift-shapers. They change their shape and shift."

When asked if there are other reptilians out there, the man said one need only look in their eyes to "see the darkness."

The video exposed the man to considerable mockery online.

Many of the former President's supporters have attracted news attention for making bizarre claims, behavior that has sparked discussion among mental health experts and political scientists alike who've expressed concerns about the prevalence of conspiracy theories within the right wing ecosystem.

Earlier this month, a woman who attended a rally Trump held in Michigan went viral after she claimed the Space Force has information the 2020 general election was stolen and will ultimately work with Trump to overturn the results, which found Democrat Joe Biden the rightful winner of both the popular and electoral votes.

The woman, who identified herself only as Julie, did not explain how the Space Force—created by Trump as a new branch of the military in December 2019—obtained this information or why they have chosen not to act on it.

Nonetheless, she seemed utterly convinced that this information would lead to a global reckoning over "the deep state," a widely discredited conspiracy theory which claims the existence of a clandestine group of actors who exercise power from within high levels of government, finance, and industry in the United States.