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Madonna Hit With Backlash For Posting Video Saying Virus Cure Is Being Hidden To 'Let The Rich Get Richer'

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Celebrities in general have been feeling pretty tone deaf throughout this pandemic.

It began with the "Imagine" video in March, posted by Gal Godot and featuring celebrities a cappella singing John Lennon's song in whatever key they seem to have woken up to and been in the mood to sing that day.

Madonna also received backlash over a bathtub video early in the pandemic. Not one to give up after a first go, Madge decided to ire the public again.

The Material Girl became the latest celebrity to fall victim to pseudoscience and conspiracy theories with an outlandish claim with severe consequences for her social media accounts.

The video she posted contained repeatedly debunked misinformation about the relationship between SARS-CoV-2 and hydroxychloroquine.

It also claimed that a MUCH awaited vaccine for the virus was in existence but was being intentionally withheld to "let the rich get richer."

Instagram censored the post with the disclaimer that it contained false information.

Many did not take kindly to Madonna's spreading of misinformation, including fellow 80's icon Annie Lennox, who responded with:

"This is utter madness!!! I can't believe that you are endorsing this dangerous quackery."
"Hopefully your site has been hacked and you're just about to explain it."

Madonna did not, however, "explain it."

Hydroxycholorquine has proven time and again to be counterproductive when addressing the pandemic. In fact, hoarding of the medication caused a worldwide shortage, leaving people who need access to the medication, including Malaria patients, at a defecit.

The FDA warned against the drug as the pandemic spread.

In a time where misinformation can be deadly, it's important to check your sources before posting information.