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Fox News Host Shamed After Heartless Rant Against New Jersey 'Free Lunch' Program For Kids

Fox News

A Fox News anchor is getting slammed on Twitter—and for good reason.

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum recently received backlash for an insensitive rant she made on the air.

MacCallum, host of Fox News' segment The Story with Martha MacCallum, was interviewing former economic advisor Larry Kudlow.

Kudlow, the conservative economic advisor to former U.S. President Donald Trump, began discussing New Jersey's newly instated "Free Lunch Program."

The program mandates that all New Jersey school districts provide free breakfast and lunch to students, regardless of their family income.

During the interview, Kudlow suggested that "free lunches could buy votes...may have been true during the worst of the pandemic, but it's not true anymore."

MacCallum responded to this comment with a heartless tirade against giving free school lunches to children, saying the thought of it "kills" her.

Watch the clip here:

Kudlow, however, agreed with MacCallum.

"Common-sense Americans know this is not right."
"They don't want big government socialism, they don't want a welfare state we're all dependent on."

Although MacCallum and Kudlow seem to agree feeding children is somehow a bad thing, we can only hope the Free Lunch Program's support ultimately outweighs the opposition.