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Lynda Carter And Dionne Warwick Troll Twitter With PSA Reminding People How To 'Touch Grass'

The 'Wonder Woman' star and music legend are reminding people to log off and 'touch grass' every once in a while.

screenshots of Lynda Carter; screenshot of Dionne Warwick
@RealLindaCarter/Twitter; @dionnewarwick/Twitter

It's the collaboration we never knew we needed.

Dionne Warwick and Lynda Carter teamed up to encourage the Twitterverse to log off and 'touch some grass.'

No, the duo is not encouraging users to partake of the devil's lettuce. Instead, they're begging Twitter bullies to "get a little fresh air."

Legendary singer, actress and queen of Twitter Warwick and Wonder Woman Carter trolled the internet with a cleverly crafted PSA captioned:

"It's the series finale of Twitter."
"Do you remember how to touch grass?"
"We hope so."

Warwick began:

"Hey, it's Dionne."
"And I've been seeing and hearing some really ugly stuff going on from you guys."

@RealLindaCarter & @dionnewarwick/Twitter

She continued:

"Ugly words, even getting down to the bullying which I, you know do not like at all."
"You know I love you too much to admonish you, but-"

The video then cut to a black screen with the words:

"We interrupt this Auntie lecture for an emergency demonstration on how to log off and touch some grass with Lynda Carter."

@RealLindaCarter & @dionnewarwick/Twitter

Then the video cut to Carter, who is standing outside.

Carter began:

"Hi, I'm Lynda Carter."

She joked:

"I'm often asked who would win in a fight: Wonder Woman or Deadpool."
"I say... who? I'm just kidding. I love Ryan Gosling."

She then provided us with easy steps to touch grass:

"I'm here to teach you how to log off and touch grass. Not smoke it, just touch it."

Carter, sitting on the grass, shared:

"STEP 1: Get within arm's reach of the grass so you'll be able to touch it."

The "Slo mo cam" shows Carter caressing the grass with her hand.

"Put your hand out, don't be scared. You can do it."
"Gently touch the grass."
"God, it's so great."

@RealLindaCarter & @dionnewarwick/Twitter

The video cut back to Warwick who urged:

"Get a little fresh air. I want you to know there's no need for this backsliding stuff."

Warwick was again interrupted, as Carter showed viewers even more ways to touch grass, this time with a small green square.

Carter explained:

"It's astroturf. But it'll do."

You can enjoy the full video below.

Twitter was highly—not like that—entertained.

Warwick herself even replied to a couple of comments.

Warwick concluded the video with:

"We can do a lot better. And we're not gonna let ugliness take over again, right?"
"Inhale, and then exhale."
"Take care! God bless all of you."

We'll say a little prayer they make more PSAs together.