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Viral Video Of Lizzo Boarding Private Jet In Leggings With Back Cut Out Sparks Heated Debate

Viral Video Of Lizzo Boarding Private Jet In Leggings With Back Cut Out Sparks Heated Debate
As she's gone into full-on promotion mode for both her new single "About Damn Time" and her new shapewear brand Yitty, singer Lizzo found the perfect way to grab our attention for both endeavors.
A new viral video posted by the singer shows her modeling her shapewear while the song plays in the background in a perfect bit of synergy. But shapewear being essentially underwear, there's one key component missing from the video—the entire back of Lizzo's leggings.

The video shows her boarding a private jet with her backside bared and this being the internet, responses are split between those cheering Lizzo's audacity and those who are outraged.

See what you think of the video below.

Along with the video, Lizzo tweeted in reference to her new song:


Ready or not, we are definitely aware of the song now.

Mission accomplished!

As news of the provocative video spread, Lizzo had lots of fun with the furor it inspired, later using it to promote Yitty in another tweet in which she wrote, "YOU TOO CAN SHOW UR ASS ON A JET."

But of course, a backlash immediately erupted as well—and a pretty fatphobic one at that.

One viral tweet dragged Lizzo for being allowed to fly with her "BARE ASS" uncovered, unfavorably comparing the stunt to a January incident in which model Olivia Culpo was forced by American Airlines to put on her boyfriend's hoodie after the airline deemed her outfit inappropriate.

There's no arguing that making Culpo cover up was a silly bit of overreach, but there is no comparison between that incident and Lizzo's video.

As several commenters on the quickly ratioed tweet pointed out, Lizzo was boarding a private jet, not a commercial airliner like Culpo.

But that didn't stop the debate from intensifying on Twitter, with scores of fatphobic comments being directed at Lizzo with others jumping into the conversation to defend her.

But others just focused on the positive.

They were 100% here for Lizzo's video.

One person definitely unbothered by the fatphobia?

Lizzo herself.

She trolled the troll right back with a perfect quote-tweet response.

That DNA test was right—Lizzo truly is that b*tch!