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Lizzo Offers Iconic Reaction After Learning Minnesota Named A Snowplow After Her

'Blizzo' was just one of eight names picked for Minnesota's fleet of snowplows.

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

So, here's the scoop.

Lizzo just learned that Minnesota named a snowplow after her and she was pleased as punch.

The naming of snowplows in the state known for some of the harshest winters was the result of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) starting a contest during the pandemic to ease some of the icy isolation tension.

With over 122,000 votes, a new tradition was born, with pun-filled submissions like "The Big Leplowski," "CTRL Salt Delete," and "Betty White Out."

This year, more than 64,000 people voted for their favorite names. Out of the sixty finalist entries for consideration, eight were selected to join the MnDOT snowplow fleet, including "Better Call Salt," "Yer A Blizzard Harry," and "Blizzo."

Upon hearing the news that her name inspired a winning entry, the recent Grammy Award winner for record of the year took to social media and sang her praises.

"Of all the awards I have received, this, by far, is the highest honor."

She humbly added:

"To know that there is a snowplow named Blizzo that is clearing the streets of the Twin Cities right now makes my heart melt... or freeze!"

Here is her video message.

The singer gave a shoutout to Osseo Middle School, whose students submitted her name for consideration, and thanked the students for bestowing her the "esteemed" honor.

Here is a news video showing how the students from the school got the word out to vote for "Blizzo" after submitting the name.

"Thank you so much for supporting me no matter where I go in my career. I love you Twin Cities!

She concluded her video message with:

"Stay freezing!"

You can watch a news report here.

Minnesota creates punny tradition of naming

People shared their glee over the exciting news and expressed their admiration for the affable singer.

Lizzo is currently on a winning streak, thanks to the state of Minnesota.

Now we just need the iconic artist to make an appearance for a special photo opp–Lizzo on Blizzo–to show that she owned the competition.

Congratulations, Lizzo!