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Larry David Forced To Apologize After Attacking Elmo During Bonkers 'Today' Show Segment

The 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' star interrupted a weather segment to pretend to assault the 'Sesame Street' muppet, and was hilariously forced by the 'Today' cohosts to apologize for his behavior.

Larry David attacks Elmo on 'TODAY' as cohosts react in horror

If you're at all plugged into the goings-on of Sesame Street, you probably know that everyone's favorite little red monster Elmo has not been having the best week.

At the beginning of the week, Elmo posted on X, checking in with his community about how everyone was doing, only for him to be trauma-dumped on, resulting in the main Sesame Street page taking precautionary measures by posting support information.

Not only was this a lot for the little guy to process, but The Hollywood Reporter quickly turned around and posted the same tweet as Elmo, likely hoping to share in some of that traffic.

Then to make matters worse, Elmo and his dad then appeared on national television in the Thursday morning episode of the TODAY Show to discuss the startling response he had received from that initial tweet and to discuss the kinds of support everyone needs right now.

This would have been a perfectly helpful conversation to have if it weren't for Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David rudely interrupting them.

Not only did David interrupt the conversation, but he came up behind the couch, grabbed Elmo by the head, and began to shake him. Elmo's dad leaned in and asked David to stop, only for David to attempt to punch him before finally letting Elmo go.

Elmo stood there stunned, and the cohosts were a mixture of shocked and nervously laughing over the incident.

David seemed proud of what he had done, saying:

"Somebody had to do it!"

You can watch the initial segment here:

Elmo and his dad attempted to turn what happened into a teachable moment, reminding viewers to ask for consent before touching other people.

Later in the segment when the team had turned their focus to interviewing David, they asked if he would apologize to Elmo for what he had done.

David begrudgingly apologized, but when Elmo said he accepted his apology, David openly mocked him by using a high-pitched falsetto and saying:

"Oh, thank you so much."

You can watch the apology segment here:

Why Larry David is apologizing to

Fans of Elmo were angry over how Larry David treated him and failed to properly apologize.

Without a doubt, Elmo has had a rough week—and right before his birthday on February 3, no less!

Hopefully, in all that has happened, Elmo realizes how important he is to a lot of kids and adults, which is what encouraged them to share their woes on X and to later go to bat for him after the TODAY Show segment in the first place.