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Lady Gaga Claps Back After Trump Tries To Claim That Biden Will Ban Fracking Because Of Her

Win McNamee/Getty Images; Lester Cohen/Getty Images

In the last days before the 2020 election, President Trump and Joe Biden have been visiting Pennsylvania to make a case for themselves in the pivotal swing state.

Joe Biden held several events alongside pop star Lady Gaga.

President Trump wasted no time attacking Biden on Twitter, saying he had made a mistake by bringing Gaga, who has stated her non-support for fracking in the past, to Pennsylvania.

Trump's supporters took up the talking point as well, saying Biden's team-up with Gaga was a signal that he would ban fracking.

Before long, Gaga herself had responded to the criticisms, making it clear her support of Joe Biden had no influence on his fracking policy.

Twitter made quite a few jokes about how, in Trump's eyes, Lady Gaga was the ultimate threat to fracking.

At the end of the day, Lady Gaga supports Joe Biden for many reasons...but his non-existent plan to ban fracking isn't one of them.

Lady Gaga's fans continued to support the singer with their usual unconditional love.

Lady Gaga may not be an especially political figure, but her celebrity might just make the difference when it comes to this week's election day!