Kylie Jenner Files To Trademark 'Rise And Shine' After Video With Her Daughter Blows Up

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Huffington Post

Memes are all fun and games until a Kardashian/Jenner sees it as a business opportunity.

So if you were anywhere near the internet last week, you saw a moment in which Kylie Jenner sings "Rise and shine" in a very... unique way... to her one-year-old daughter Stormi go hyper-viral until it became the meme of last week.

No sooner did Kylie's video hit the internet than a meme was instantly born.

Here's a compendium if you missed it.

Rise and Shine Kylie Jenner Tik Tok Compilation Meme www.youtube.com

Anyway, Kylie has taken the next natural step for a Kardashian.

She has filed a trademark for the phrase.

Now we hear you:

"You can't trademark an every day idiom that people have been saying for *Googles it* 400 years!"

But this, of course, is Kris Kardashian Kountry. Kylie, the progeny of the most enterprising woman to ever live, tried to trademark THE NAME KYLIE back in 2014.

People named Kylie worldwide would have been in intellectual property infringement by using their own name if Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue hadn't gone to court like, "Excuse me, but absolutely not."

Image result for kylie minogue absolutely not gif

Fittingly, Kylie isn't just trying to trademark "rise and shine" but also "riiise and shiiinnee," which presumably is in reference to the way she sings the words in the meme but really just looks like "riiise and shiiinnee" to me because the rules of spelling and phonics exist.

Anyway, if she succeeds, the trademark will be used on dresses, jackets, socks, and, weirdly, cosmetics, according to the filing, which The Verge was able to obtain.

Kylie has already sold products with the saying since last week, all of which are apparently sold out.

And she certainly isn't the first in the Kardashian clan to take a meme all the way to the bank. Who could forget Kim monetizing her embarrassing viral fame with Kimoji back in 2015?

But if social media is any judge, this particular meme is already over, and folks are ready for Kylie to just kinda... go ahead and have a seat on this whole trademark thing...

Though some had to give her props... since she's probably made umpteen million dollars just during the time we've been talking about this...

Credit where it's due!


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