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'Big Sick' Kumail Nanjiani Twitter Impersonates Spielberg for Fun

'Big Sick' Kumail Nanjiani Twitter Impersonates Spielberg for Fun

Actor, comedian, and writer Kumail Nanjiani, whose breakout feature film The Big Sick has received rave reviews, has the best response to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association giving him and his film zero Golden Globes nominations. As star and director of the film, he took matters into his own hands, graciously handling Monday morning’s snub with a playful tweet in support of the project.

Nanjiani decided to "prove" that he has the support of one of America’s foremost directors… sort of.

Hey gang. This is Steven Spielberg tweeting from Kumail’s phone. My fave movie this yr was The Big Sick. It’s avail on Amazon Prime & iTunes & all that. Great movie to watch w the fam. I watched it w my family (the Spielbergs) & we all loved it. Handing phone back to Kumail now.

— Kumail Nanjiani (@kumailn) December 11, 2017

Another director decided to play alone with Nanjiani's joke.

But then Nanjiani responded! Or was it Nanjiani?

We want to see Last Jedi too!

But then Rian got all sweet on us and we can't handle it.

Awww, you guys!

Nanjiani's joke quickly became a Hollywood trending meme.

It began to spin out of control.

Too much fake news to handle!

While others in Hollywood suspected something was fishy about the "Steven Spielberg" endorsement.

Suspected of less than honorable behavior, Nanjiani double-downed on his version of the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Deadline published a tongue-in-cheek report, doubted the authenticity of that Spielberg tweet. Nanjiani, we mean Spielberg, responded in the best way possible.

Hey @DEADLINE, Steven Spielberg tweeted that! I’ll give the phone back to him.

This is Steven (Spielberg.) I tweeted that. I directed Jaws, ET, BFG. See? I can name 3 of my films. It has to be me. Lincoln. That’s 4. That’s enough proof for you to retract.

— Kumail Nanjiani (@kumailn) December 11, 2017

Was it Spielberg? Was it Nanjiani? The world may never know.

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