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Kristen Wiig Brings Back Iconic 'Target Lady' From 'SNL' For New Target Ads—And They're Everything

The actor revived her beloved 'Target Lady' character from 'SNL' for a new series of ads for Target's Circle Week, much to fans' delight.

Kristen Wiig as "Target Lady"

Kristen Wiig fans rejoice: Her iconic "Target Lady" character from SNL is back in a series of ads for the retailer's "Circle Week."

Target Lady, in case you forgot, is the manic, weirdo middle-aged Target cashier that Wiig immortalized in her SNL days who, fans will be delighted to know, is actually based on a real Target employee Wiig encountered in Burbank, California.

Anyway, the new campaign began this week, and to say that fans have been rejoicing about her triumphant return to the aisles would be the understatement of all understatements.

Kristen Wiig reprises classic ‘SNL’ character in new Target

In a statement, Wiig spoke of her own excitement about the reprise and what Target Lady means to her.

"Target Lady is incredibly special to me because it's one of the characters I created at The Groundlings and ended up on SNL. She definitely loves Target! I mean, who doesn't?"
"It was so fun to bring her back after all this time, and we had so much fun imagining the world Target Lady sees inside the store today."

The ads have already dropped on the internet, and they're as unhinged as you'd guess—thank God.

In one, Target Lady talks about her weird way of eating PB&J.

In another, Target Lady basically hallucinates in a Target store, as she would.

And in another, she talks to a pigeon—again, as she would.

And fans have been full-on rejoicing about Target Lady's return on social media.

Wiig will also return to Saturday Night Live on Saturday, April 6 to host the show for her fifth time. Hopefully the Target Lady makes an appearance. Who cares if it's product placement!