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Kraft Created A Pink Mac & Cheese That Tastes Like Candy—And People Are Both Intrigued And Horrified


Remember colored ketchup? Back in the 90s, Heinz EZ-squirt in all kinds of fun colors was trying to top the market.

It was moderately successful, with fun shades like purple showing up to make your fries look like a 90s kid's dream color pallete.

But now it's 2021, and Kraft has come up with an idea of colored mac and cheese, which sounds innocent enough, until you see it.

Yup, that's right.

It is a shade of pink unlike anything ever seen in the world of cheesy pasta before. And it is also, apparently, CANDY-FLAVORED.

1,000 lucky (‽‽) people are being given the chance to turn their Kraft macaroni and cheese into this candy mac and cheese, and folks are, uh....unsure how to feel.

The powder contains beetroot and carrot concentrates for the color of the powder.

For the flavor, the powder contains fructose, natural flavors and vanilla extract.

The entire concept is wildly crazy for some people, though some find it appealing.

But for the most part, folks are debilitatingly confused.

You can win a free box by entering the sweepstakes at: from 8 a.m. CST through Feb. 8 at 12 p.m. CST.

Your box will arrive by Valentine's Day.

You may either have the best date or the weirdest and worst date of your life that night.