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Little Boy's Entire Kindergarten Class Shows Up To Support Him During His Adoption Hearing

Kent County, Michigan/Facebook

Every once in awhile a story so heartwarming shows up in your newsfeed to give you a refreshing break from these crazy times.

This is one of those stories—about a five year old boy whose entire kindergarten class came to support he and his family at an adoption hearing.

Michael's entire class came to support he and his foster (now adoptive) parents.

They were waving giant red and pink hearts on wooden sticks.

Michigan boy invites entire kindergarten class to adoption hearing

Michael's foster parents fostered him for over a year before deciding they wanted to welcome the boy permanently into their home.

After being married for over ten years and having no children of their own, they decided to take in Michael and fell in love with him quickly.

"We didn't have any kids prior to that, and things got pretty chaotic in a hurry," said the boy's father, of Michael's arrival into their home.

Michael told the courtroom that he "love(s) his mommy," but that his classmates are his family too.

His parents say that they are amazed with how many friends the boy has, and that he is constantly being welcomed into friends' houses for playdates.

Michael's teacher, Mrs. McKee, set up an entire field trip so that Michael's friends could support him.

And once they were there, they played a key role in Michael's hearing. The judge asked each of the kids to stand up and say what Michael meant to them.

And she says they offered the most touching answers.

"I love Michael."
"Michael is my best friend."

The judge, after granting the adoption, said it was the first time her courtroom had ever played host to an entire kindergarten class.

We wish all the best to Michael and his new family.