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Keanu Reeves Shows Off His Impressive Skills With 'John Wick 3' Weapons Training Videos

Taran Tactical/YouTube

Keanu Reeves cannot be accused of not putting in the hours for the third installment of his hyper-violent John Wick action series, as new footage shows the level of detail in his training.

Videos released by security training company Vigilance Elite show Reeves being coached by a former US Navy Seal as he simulates entering and clearing rooms armed with a pistol and an assault rifle.

Watch them in action here.

Keanu Reeves Tactical Training for John Wick 3 with Vigilance Elite .MP4

Shawn Ryan, a former CIA contractor who founded Vigilance Elite, teaches Reeves about handling weapons and tactics as the pair work through a gun range full of targets and barriers.

The John Wick films see Reeves play a former assassin who returns to the criminal underworld after gangsters steal his car and kill his dog.

According to his website, Ryan fought against al Qaida, the Taliban and the Islamic State group before founding Vigilant Elite to train:

“those who want to learn to defend themselves and their families against imminent threats."

John Wick 3: Keanu Reeves Trains Tactics with Navy SEAL Shawn Ryan

The videos also give an insight into the mindset of the training.

Showing Reeves how to deal with an unexpected individual when entering a room, Ryan says:

“Maybe it's an innocent who doesn't need to be shot, maybe I can strike and get them out of the way."

Fans were overjoyed to see Reeves take the training seriously.

Said one:

“So much respect for Keanu Reeves for actually putting in the work to make us gun owners and shooters happy with his movies for trying to make stuff legit and real looking."

Another added:

“I love how he listens and doesn't talk your head off… great student. He's a rare bird in Hollywood.. love that guy! Zero ego; all business! Can't wait for JW3!"

A similar video emerged in 2016 during the production of John Wick 2, which saw Reeves working quickly through a range, using an assault rifle and shotgun to take out his targets.

Keanu shredding with Taran Butler

John Wick 3: Parabellum is expected to hit cinemas in May.

You can see the official trailer here:

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie) Official Trailer – Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry

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