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Old Twitter Interaction Between Domino's And Trump's Press Secretary Has Customers Seeing Red

Old Twitter Interaction Between Domino's And Trump's Press Secretary Has Customers Seeing Red
Francis Dean/Getty Images, Jim Watson/Getty Images

Eof xperts claim partisan polarization is at a worryingly high level in the United States.

For evidence of this, look no further than Twitter's recent cancellation of Domino's for a 2012 tweet where they thanked Kayleigh McEnany for a compliment. Way back in 2012, future Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany—just 24 years old at the time—tweeted that Domino's pizza was, in her opinion, really good.

Better even than NYC pizza.

Domino's replied to her compliment by thanking her.

The tweets may have been innocuous back then, but they took on a whole new feeling for some in today's political climate.

Former Republican political strategist, conservative author and pundit Rick Wilson—who is no fan of President Donald Trump—amplified the Domino's response on Twitter.

Some people online were even calling for a boycott of the pizza brand.

Others, however, believed the entire "controversy" was absolute nonsense started by conservative critics of President Trump but certain to be blamed on the "lefty liberals" by his fans.

Even Domino's replied to Rick Wilson, who dug up the tweets, rolling their eyes at the entire issue.

McEnany came to Domino's defense, doubling down on her love of the chain.

Many, however, still haven't forgiven McEnany for her support of the racist birther movement during Obama's time in office.

And it turns out Domino's has a long history with the Trump administration.

Perhaps it's time we all agree that a pizza company's tweets from 2012 shouldn't mean much about their current political affiliations. After all, in the past McEnany may have been promoting the birther movement, but she was also still referring to her future boss as "racist and hateful."

Who knows which McEnany sent the Domino's tweet?