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Someone Handed Katy Perry A Roll Of Toilet Paper During Her Bushfire Relief Concert Performance

(Yasmin Nelson/The Morning Crew)

There have been a few emergencies in Australia lately. The country was finally starting to recover from the catastrophic bushfires, when the coronavirus outbreak caused a toilet paper shortage. In an effort to bring a smile to others in the area a fan handed Katy Perry a toilet paper roll while she performed in Victoria, Australia.

Katy Perry's concert was an effort to help those still recovering from the bushfires. The free concert was a way of showing her appreciation for all those who have worked hard to help the ecosystems affected.

Yasmin Nelson told the PA news agency that the toilet roll she gave Perry was decorated with fan messages.

“Yeah so I gave Katy Perry toilet paper tonight on stage," Nelson posted the video, with the hashtag #ToiletPaperApocalypse, to Twitter.

Katy Perry was quick to appreciate the gesture and try to make the fans laugh.

“She [Perry] said 'I might need this' and then later picked it up again and said, 'was it like $80?!'" Nelson told PA.

“My heart stopped and I just kept screaming afterwards … I'm glad she found the humor in it!"

The free concert was held in aid of the Australian bushfire relief, which welcomed firefighters and communities affected by wildfires.