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Justin Bieber's New Hairstyle Sparks Cultural Appropriation Accusations After He Debuts It On Instagram

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Singer and celebrity Justin Bieber recently posted a photo to Instagram with a new hairstyle.

He is now under fire for culturally appropriating Black culture again.

You can see Bieber's new coiffe here:

Since the protests for Black Lives Matter, many celebrities have been called to use their platforms to spread awareness, educate and uplift the voices of Black creators.

Bieber has posted in the past he would do that very thing.

Since this post, he has changed his hairstyle to mimic locs, even though the many members of the Black community have asked White people to not wear them.

Locs are a natural style for people with a specific texture and level of curl in their hair. Anyone else can only achieve the look by teasing, matting, waxing and weaving hair, sometimes adding twine or thread to get the hair to hold its shape.

Natural locs can be washed and combed out, then recreated while false ones have to be cut out and the dead, matted hair discarded. You can read more about the difference between natural locs and fake ones here.

Many comments on Bieber's Instagram were unhappy with his hairstyle choice.





And people went after Bieber on Twitter for not even acknowledging why it is so harmful to wear fake locs as a White person.

And as one Twitter user pointed out, this isn't the first time he's done this.

In a country where Black children and adults are constantly having to face consequences for having locs, this was not a good move on Biebers part.