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Justin Bieber Issues Apology After His 'Insensitive' April Fools' Prank Is Met With Backlash

On April Fools Day 2019, Justin Bieber took to Instagram to post what appeared to be an ultrasound. Though many fans were wary, considering the date, Bieber seemed sincere in what was amounting to a pregnancy announcement with his wife, Hailey Bieber.

Bieber even posted a photo of Hailey having what appeared to be an ultrasound, saying:

"If U thought it was April Fools"

Right then, however, Bieber pulled the rug out from under fans, revealing it WAS all an April Fools joke.

People online were less than thrilled about Bieber's fake pregnancy joke, which many consider to be a tired, offensive April Fools tradition.

To many people trying to conceive, joking about getting pregnant is far from funny.

Following the backlash he received on social media, Bieber went back to Instagram to apologize, writing that he wasn't expecting to offend anyone:

Some people still felt his apology lacked a little forethought...

Many other people on social media, however, took Justin's side! They claimed that Bieber's joke may not have been all that funny, but that it wasn't offensive enough to warrant an apology.

Has the internet become too sensitive?

One thing is certain: Bieber's posts inspired far less laughter and far more argument than any joke ideally should. Perhaps Bieber actually should have apologized for his lack or originality.

Don't worry, Justin, you'll get 'em next year!