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Judge Judy Just Debuted Her Slick New Hairdo At The Daytime Emmy Awards—And Fans Are Divided

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TV viewers of Judge Judy are accustomed to seeing Judy Sheindlin cloaked in her iconic black robe, accented by her white lace collar.

However, if you ever catch a glimpse of the matronly magistrate outside of the courtroom, chances are you might not recognize her.

Now, people are judging Judy, and they are not pleading their case based on her civilian clothes.

The civil court judge turned heads with her latest hairdo at the Daytime Emmys held in Pasadena, California, on Sunday, where she accepted a Lifetime Achievement award.

Sheindlin's arbitration-based reality court show has entertained home-viewing audiences for 23 seasons since September 16, 1996.

But it wasn't until fairly recently that she pulled her hair back in a ponytail and left many wondering if a different judge was presiding.

But she looked ravishing on Sunday night, ditching her signature bouffant for a more modern look.

Actress Amy Poehler presented the award to the 76-year-old and introduced her as "the Jewish mother that we all want" and explained the phenomenon that is Judge Judy.

"We all watch because we know that maybe just once something will turn out fair, that two people will come together and work it out in front of a woman who takes them and her job very seriously."

Over on social media, users gave their final verdict on the judge's new 'do.

Sheindlin's longtime bailiff and friend Petri Hawkins Byrd weighed in with his decision, preferring the more classic look.

"Alright, alright! I tried to stay out of this, y'all won't let me! I prefer my boss with the old 'do'. More sophisticated and 'Judy'cial. Just my opinion, not law!"

Some said she was guilty of making a bad beauty decision that made her look older.

Other comments signaled a hung jury.

One fan expressed that it's not up to us to judge.

Instagrammer boswell_michael wrote:

"I prefer...the one SHE prefers. Not my hair, not my say. All this people can't keep their mouths shut and opinions to themselves. I guess that's the "social media" age for you! After having the same hairstyle for literally DECADES, a change is refreshing and needed. People will get use to it and if you don't, that's on you!"

While she may make questionable judgement calls at the salon, Sheindlin knows her strengths lie in the courtroom. During her acceptance speech, she talked about her role as a civil court judge being a passion.

"I have a profession that's always been my passion. And tonight, I have this lovely honor, which says I've done my job well."
"Life has a beginning, a middle and an end. As most of us, I don't remember the very beginning, I'm having an absolute blast in the middle, and if my luck holds, I won't be around for the end."

And— gavel-drop.

She may have lost her signature bangs, but we hope she never loses her irreverence. After all, what else would you expect from the sharp-tongued judge who penned Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining: America's Toughest Family Court Judge Speaks Out.

Congratulations on your lifetime achievement award, Judge Judy!

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