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Jon Stewart Perfectly Describes The Colorful Way Stephen Colbert Deals With Trump


Stephen Colbert is an American treasure.

This is indisputable.

Many of us would not have made it through the embarrassing Bush years and bitterly partisan Obama years without his GOP- and FoxNews-skewering Colbert Report. And now that we're in this ... whatever this Trump era is, it's safe to say lots of us could not withstand the day-to-day nonsense without Colbert's comedic touch on the late-night airwaves.

Perhaps nobody knows this better than Colbert's colleague Jon Stewart.

With his 16-year stint on The Daily Show, he's another one without whom we surely would have perished during the unmitigated s***-show that the 21st century has been thus far, and since he wisely dipped out of the game before Trump came on the scene, he has both an insider and outsider perspective on Colbert.

Tuesday night, he summed up his TV compatriot perfectly. Speaking about the magic Colbert makes on The Late Show each night, Stewart said:

"Look at how hale and hearty you look! Coming in here, every night, taking in the toxins and spewing back out rainbow-colored sprinkles. That's your job, and you do it beautifully."

Yep, that's pretty much it in a nutshell!

The comment came during a guest appearance by Stewart on Tuesday night's The Late Show With Stephen Colbert wherein Stewart and Colbert swapped places, with the latter interviewing the former. They covered a lot of ground, from reminiscences of their days working together to lots of friendly ribbing and, of course, current events.

Stewart's nickname for President Trump is worth the watch alone!

You can catch more of the interview here:

Jon Stewart's Flipped Interview With Stephen Colbert

On social media, people were delighted and nostalgic about the reunion of these two comedic geniuses.

And a few were, like, really, REALLY delighted...

It's true what she says about Jo(h)ns tho ;)

Anyway, here's hoping we see a lot more of this dynamic duo in the future!

H/T HuffingtonPost, Vulture

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