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John Oliver Revealed Some Incredible Unused Graphics That Never Aired On His Show 😂


It's been a few weeks since we got a new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and the show doesn't come back until July 29. We know; we're sad too. No need to fret, though. Everyone over at the show knows just how much we need our fix of John Oliver snark, so they gave the fans a little present on YouTube.

You're Welcome.


The clip is the third installment of 'Lost Graphics' - a segment where John shows everyone the graphics that his team created, but never got used. Sometimes he shares the context with viewers. Sometimes, a graphic is so off the wall that he can't share context because he has literally no idea why these images exist.

People are already talking about this episode on Twitter.

This episode features a journalist squirrel, Ivanka Trump putting us into the sunken place, and salmon porn. If you're watching at work, you might want some headphones for this one. You can watch the full segment here.

The show comes back to HBO July 29th.

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