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GOP Lawmaker Tries To Claim He's Not Racist After Posting Blatantly Racist Meme To His Social Media

GOP Lawmaker Tries To Claim He's Not Racist After Posting Blatantly Racist Meme To His Social Media

Republican Jim Lucas, who serves in the Indiana House of Representatives, claims he's not a racist.

But the racist stuff he keeps posting online is convincing people otherwise.

Most likely in response to the money people are receiving in various Democrat-backed stimulus packages, Lucas took to Facebook to post a meme of Black children (the children pictured are unidentified Africans) dancing with the caption:

"We gon' get free money!"

You can see Lucas' Facebook post here:

Jim Lucas/Facebook

Both the image and the use of ebonics in the meme posted by Lucas were quickly criticized by everyone with eyes.

In Lucas' response, he specifies he created the meme and picked the photo.

Aside from meme creation, Lucas has other interests.

Lucas tried to defend himself on Facebook by claiming that anyone who criticized his racist post were the actual racists.

"I used this STOCK PHOTO of a little boy dancing and celebrating because the government is handing out free money, to everyone, regardless of their skin color...I phrased it in a celebratory way and have danced and mocked things in that exact same manner myself."
"I'm white. But hey, it's a picture of a black kid so I guess that makes it different, WHICH IF YOU THINK THAT WAY, IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF RACISM!!!!!!"

He returned later to quote the dictionary definition of racism.

He went on to say:

"I recently used a picture of a happy, cute, cocky kid dancing and celebrating to make a humorous meme mocking the government's destruction of our economy. There was ZERO intent of racism, I simply found the little kid cute and knew it was a well known picture."
"It's. That. Simple. To me, to NOT use a picture SPECIFICALLY because of someone's skin color is the very definition of racism, based on my beliefs and the above definition of racism."

This isn't Lucas's first run-in with racist Facebook posts.

Last year, when a Black man plead guilty to rape, he responded to the story with the image of a noose.

Lucas also has a history of being a homophobe and a rape apologist.

He once suggested the state of Indiana should stop issuing any marriage licenses at all to stop LGBTQ people from getting married.

Needless to say, Twitter was not a big fan of Lucas's post.

It was hours before Lucas took the photo down.

Voters will get the chance to approve or disapprove of Lucas's behavior this upcoming November, when he'll be up for reelection.

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