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GOP Rep. Slammed As Living 'YouTube Message Board' After Bonkers Rant During Bill Barr Hearing

Pool/Getty Images

On Tuesday, July 28, Attorney General Bill Barr appeared at a hearing before the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan used the opportunity to go on an unhinged rant.

He accused the Obama administration of "spying" on the Trump campaign among other oft-debunked conspiracy theories.

Jim Jordan calls out Obama-Biden DOJ for spying

Jordan was roundly mocked on Twitter for his wild speech.

It's hard to believe any sitting Congressman would believe so many disproven conspiracy theories.

But this is hardly Jordan's first time slinging such easily disproven conspiracy theories during a congressional hearing.

Many online compared Congressman Jordan to a living embodiment of YouTube's notoriously inaccurate comments section.

Jordan has consistently shown his interests during Congressional hearings are purely partisan.

Jim Jordan's reputation seems to sink a little lower every time he speaks in Congress.

Ohio deserves Congressmen who uphold the truth and treat Congressional hearings with the somber importance they deserve.