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New Jersey Teacher Decides To Help Out A Cash-Strapped Stranger—And He Turns Out To Be Keith Urban

Photo by Debra L Rothenberg-Getty Images

Ruth Reed, a substitute teacher working in New Jersey, loves helping people. So much so that she seeks out those down on their luck and gives them a few bucks.

No doubt that unsuspecting people are surprised by Reed's generosity, but this week it was Reed who received the big surprise. Standing in line at a New Jersey gas station/convenience store Wawa, Reed overheard a man in line turn to the woman with him and ask if she had any money. That's when Reed stepped in to pay what the man owed.

Reed asked the man what his name was, and when he answered, "Keith," she told him he looked like country singer Keith Urban. That when he replied he was Keith Urban.

At first Reed didn't believe he was the Keith Urban, but his bodyguard confirmed it was true. The two then took a photo outside that Reed posted on social media.

Photo credit Anna Simpkins

One of Reed's former students shared Reed's Facebook post on Twitter, and it went viral.

Ruth Reed Facebook

People have fallen in love with Reed and the story.

We agree, we definitely need more people like Reed in the world.

H/T: NBC, The Mercury News