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Jeff Goldblum Trends On Social Media After Lookalike Gets Into Street Fight With Shirtless Neighbor

Jeff Goldblum Trends On Social Media After Lookalike Gets Into Street Fight With Shirtless Neighbor
Photo by Toni Anne Barson/WireImage via Getty Images@fallenleo/Twitter

These days, seeing a celebrity trending on social media is cause for a bit of panic.

Thankfully, usually it's for either no reason or for a fun reason.

And when Jeff Goldblum was trending, it was certainly for a fun reason.

Richmond—Virginia's richly historic capital city—is the home of a Jeff Goldblum lookalike who got into a fist-fight on the street with a shirtless man one balmy evening.

And the cameras caught the action.

After getting set up Mortal Kombat-like, the fight quickly escalated past a humorous level.

The unidentified shirtless man came out the worse for wear.

The men then went at each other with 2x4s.

The fight allegedly broke out because the shirtless man was shouting racial slurs at our Jeff Goldblum lookalike.

Did he think he was in Charlottesville?

People were fascinated by the resemblance to Jeff Goldblum.

jeff goldblum GIFGiphy

How readily and easily the doppelgänger fought the shirtless man drew eyes too.

People provided soundtracks.

People are loving fake Jeff Goldblum as much as they would real Jeff Goldblum.

Shortly after the fight happened, police began investigating the incident.

Both fighters were interviewed by police, but neither wanted to bring any charges, according to the New York Post. In the meantime, a man who does an astoundingly good Jeff Goldblum impression narrated the fight video in Goldblum's voice.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more bizarre.

While racism, sexism, sexual harassment and physical assault are extremely serious matters, a little bit of levity was found in our unidentified hero resembling Jeff Goldblum.

well there it is jeff goldblum GIFGiphy

More levity throughout lockdown please!

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