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'Stranger Things' Star Asks What A 'Vecnussy' Is After Watching Viral Fan Video—And Oh Dear

'Stranger Things' Star Asks What A 'Vecnussy' Is After Watching Viral Fan Video—And Oh Dear
@Netflix/Twitter; @jack.wright/TikTok

Actor Jamie Campbell Bower is clearly not up to date on the latest internet slang and its got Stranger Things fans dying right now.

Netflix invited the Stranger Things cast to watch some of social media's best takes on the show. When Jamie, who plays One/Vecna, sat to watch his clips, it was soon clear he would need a bit of help understanding some of what was being said.

Because nobody explained the whole "ussy" thing beforehand.

He worked it out and honestly seems pretty into it, which has got to be fun for fans.

Now, if you're like Jamie and not sure either it's okay. We take our jobs as internet authorities very seriously and will gladly educate the people.

Think of "ussy" as a descriptive modifier of sorts.

For example, we use "esque" to mean "kind of like the thing we just added esque to."

The phrase Kafka-esque got a lot of traction in this way.

In Spanish, we use "ito" at the end to indicate that the thing is small. Dog, for instance, is "perro" but if that dog is a puppy or a small breed, you might call it a "perrito."

Now "ussy"is a little spicier. Slap the p back on the beginning and you've got the origin word, and adding it to the end of a word is, essentially, saying that the aforementioned thing looked good enough to penetrate, snack on, worship, etc...

As one does.

It started with men blessed by the cake gods and we got the term "bussy."

Recently, thanks to science, we all got this gem:

and now, thanks to Netflix, we all get to watch as Jamie Campbell Bower figures out the power of his Vecnussy.

Stranger Things fans and Jamie Campbell Bower stans are collectively having a moment over it right now. Shame? Pride? Little bit of both?

Vecnussy—and Jamie now knowing about it—has taken over Twitter.

We don't anticipate the Vecnussy jokes stopping any time soon and honestly that's fine by us.

The fan art is flawless... like that Vecnussy.