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Woman Charged After Chasing Black Teen Around Playground With A Knife While Hurling Racial Slurs

Woman Charged After Chasing Black Teen Around Playground With A Knife While Hurling Racial Slurs
ChangeMakers Fort Wayne/YouTube

An Indiana woman is facing criminal charges for threatening a Black teen and it's all caught on video.

Terra Roling, of Allen County, Indiana can be seen chasing a Black teen around a Fort Wayne playground with a knife in her hand. She can also be heard shouting racial slurs at the teen as she chases him.

Roling is now currently facing two charges of felony intimidation.

The probably cause affidavit filed in reference to the case, the incident occurred at the Weisser Park Elementary school playground.

The incident, which occurred back in May, began when Roling's 13-year-old child came to her complaining that the teen had been physically assaulting him.

A YouTube video caught the altercation, which is currently serving as evidence in the case against Rowling.

Watch the video here:

Racist Karen at Weisser

Roling then took out a knife and started chasing the teen, shouting the N-word:

"That's right, you're running, n***er."

The teen then told someone that Roling was chasing him with a knife and calling him the N-word, to which Roling responded:

"Because you're being one. A [N-word] is an ignorant person. Doesn't mean you're Black, dumbass."

When someone told Roling that she couldn't use that kind of language, she responded that she could do whatever she wanted because of "free speech."

During the footage, children can be heard yelling at Roling:

"Put the knife down!"

The end of the video footage shows Roling returning to her son, to find out that he had lied about being attacked by the teen.

Upon the release of this video, led to an outcry from the community, which called for Roling to be arrested and charged with a hate crime. Two such advocates, Daylana Saunders and Alisha Rauch, are members of the ChangeMakers of Fort Wayne.

The ChangeMakers are a group with chapters around the country. Their goal is to dismantle systematic racism in the cities in which they're located.

The ChangeMakers of Fort Wayne have pushed people to contact their local officials to charge Roling for the racially motivated incident.

Arrest Terra Roling (Karen with a Knife) Part

According to the ChangeMakers of Fort Wayne, it has also since been discovered that Roling called 911 on the teen, who was then put in the back of a police car, while Roling received no repercussions for her behavior:

Arrest Terra Roling (Karen with a Knife) Part

In an interview with local Fort Wayne news channel ABC WPTA21, Rauch said:

"I was appalled, angry, sickened."
"The pressure that we were able to put on them and the support of our community made them able to charge her."

Saunders added:

"We hope that the community realizes that when we work together, we can expose the disparities in our system."
"We can work together for change."

Saunders and Rauch, in cooperation with the ChangeMakers of Fort Wayne, have released a list of demands surrounding the charges that Roling is facing.

These demands range from requiring Roling to issue an apology in open court, to restricting the Allen County Prosecutor's Office from offering Roling any plea deal or reduced sentencing.

Needless to say, the YouTube videos surrounding the incident led to an internet-wide outrage over the subject:

While a warrant has been issued for Roling's arrest, she has not been taking into custody at this time.