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Someone Made An Important Observation About The People Who Worry About Mexican Immigrants

(John Moore/Getty Images, @crandallgold)

The culture of fear has reached an all time high with false propaganda infiltrating the news, particularly with the notion that Mexican immigrants are rapists and drug dealers as claimed by President Donald Trump on numerous occasions.

In addition to the fear, some people have expressed their resentment over Mexicans "stealing" their jobs to which @crandallgold posed a legitimate question in a tweet.

People were wondering the same thing. The viral tweet sparked a heated discussion over the ridiculousness of Mexican immigrants snatching our jobs.

Are those enraged over "job-stealing" Mexicans ready to fill their shoes after they're all deported?

If Trump refuses to believe the facts, then why should his base?

Ignorance is not bliss in this case. It's dangerous.

Finally, this user saw the clear and present danger on our side of the border.

H/T - Twitter