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Illinois GOP Rep. Slammed After Doubling Down On 'Hitler Was Right About One Thing' Comment

Illinois GOP Rep. Slammed After Doubling Down On 'Hitler Was Right About One Thing' Comment
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Republican Mary Miller—an Illinois Congresswoman elected to the House of Representatives in November—came under fire shortly after being sworn in.

In a speech before a crowd of Trump supporters, Miller quoted Adolf Hitler saying the genocidal dictator "was right about one thing."

People responded Hitler should never be referred to as "right" about anything.

Miller was quickly buried under criticism from the internet who questioned why, of all people, she would choose to quote Adolf Hitler.

Instead of backing down from her comments, however, Miller took to Twitter to double down.

Miller insisted her quote saying Hitler "was right" was meant to denounce the fascist dictator.

Predictably, Twitter wasn't convinced by Miller's tweet.

Many of Miller's constituents demanded she resign.

No politician should ever praise Hitler in any way.


That's pretty much politics 101.

Miller's colleagues in Congress were also quick to denounce her words.

It seems the new congresswoman's career has begun with a gaffe she might not be able to shake.

During the first week of her term in office, Miller hopefully learned an important political lesson...though it's a lesson most politicians usually know long before getting elected.

On Friday, Miller finally offered an apology while still claiming her poor choice of words were OK, but people twisted them.

In an official statement, Miller said:

"Earlier this week, I spoke to a group of mothers about the importance of faith and guarding our youth from destructive influences."
"I sincerely apologize for any harm my words caused and regret using a reference to one of the most evil dictators in history to illustrate the dangers that outside influences can have on our youth."
"This dark history should never be repeated and parents should be proactive to instill what is good, true, right, and noble into their children's hearts and minds."
"While some are trying to intentionally twist my words to mean something antithetical to my beliefs, let me be clear: I'm passionately pro-Israel and I will always be a strong advocate and ally of the Jewish community. I've been in discussion with Jewish leaders across the country and am grateful to them for their kindness and forthrightness."

In their own statement, the United States Holocaust Museum said:

"[The Holocaust museum] unequivocally condemns any leader trying to advance a position by claiming Adolf Hitler was 'right'."
"Adolf Hitler's Germany plunged Europe into the most destructive event in human history, World War II and the Holocaust resulting in the genocide of six million European Jews."