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People Explain What They Strongly Suspect But Have No Proof Of

People Explain What They Strongly Suspect But Have No Proof Of

There are some things we just can never be sure of. Having sneaking suspicions of what we think is true can drive us crazy, but without any proof, it's just hard to know what is real and what isn't.

u/757jsmith asked: What do you strongly suspect but have no proof of?

Interesting suspicion.


That a relative is a CIA agent. She was in the Peace Corps, Vietnam era. Ever since she's been a "world traveler," somehow able to drop her work and "go hiking the Spanish version of the Appalachian Trail" or otherwise go to exotic locales. Sometimes she came back with injuries, "I fell as we were climbing some rocks."

Her son is in the agency as an employee, not a spy, and he's married to a CIA translator.


....there are no words for that.

I believe my grand mother was a serial killer. She was married 7 times; each ending in a sudden death. She died in the 1980's but everything is still suspicious and no one seems to know anything.

I did find an article about her when she came to the US where her first husband died defending her after her ex-boyfriend climbed in her window in New York City. I also found evidence of her having been in prison before coming to the US.


This one messes with your head.


That there is something seriously wrong with me and people aren't telling me about it. I feel I have some sort of serious mental disability, personalty disorder, or even some slight retardation and no one will acknowledge it or admit it to me.


I also sometimes feel like this. One of the most outlandish thoughts I have related to this is that I perceive reality wrong and when I'm in public people are always wondering whether there's something wrong with me.


That's such a strange motive.

I work for a call center for the Marketplace in the US. There was no interview, barely any training, super high turnover and super low morale. None of their decisions make sense. The entire operation almost feels like it's trying to work as poorly as possible so everyone hates it.


This actually happens a lot.

That a lot of businesses in my hometown are just money laundering operations. 25 nail salons in a town of 70,000? 3000 square foot DVD rental shop in the best block of downtown where commercial rents are very high? Dozens of $10 barber shops sitting empty all day but remaining open? Red flags all around.


It's a conspiracy!


I think my local newspaper and news stations make up fake Facebook profiles to post inflammatory statements in the comment sections of their news releases.

There are frequent commenters whose profiles have a basic name, no friends/random international friends, basic profile information and only one profile picture who will make some outlandish comment that starts a war.


Mind blown.

Like 90% of the job listings on are fakes designed to collect analytics from users, so Monster can sell your data to advertisers.


I was under the impression that they were made to cover inside hires and were filled before they were even posted, for the purpose of following EOE guidelines or whatever forward-facing policy of fairness they have in small print.


Steps for posting job online:

  1. Create listing on company website. Don't bother direct-posting to other boards, they just mine your shit for positions anyway. Transcription errors are someone else's problem.
  2. Copy-paste job description from last time we did this. Don't bother updating specifics.
  3. Leave listing up 2-3 weeks.
  4. Throw half the pile in the garbage. Of the remaining resumes, select either odd-numbered or even-numbered resumes to keep. Throw out 50% of the previous 50%.
  5. Check to see if any submissions have every single qualification. If they do, discard them - they obviously lied on their resume.
  6. Discard any resume that meets less than 90% of qualifications. Can't hire unqualified people.
  7. Inquire as to whether or not 95% qualified candidate will accept significantly below average salary for similar positions in that industry in this area. Leverage missing 5% against them.
  8. Having failed to locate a suitable external candidate, promote internally.
  9. Having decided not to promote a qualified internal candidate, farm job out overseas.
  10. Congratulate self on managerial prowess.


I mean....probably.

Queen Elizabeth will probably live up to 120 years and longer. She is one of the best fed and most cared person on Earth.

If we invented something for immortality, she likely took it already.


An inside job.

There's one company in a town local to me who board up windows, nobody else in the area seems to do it. Every single window, door, abandoned shop, all done by this one company.

They've got a ridiculous sized HQ, and have put a decent amount of money towards fixing up other buildings in the area.

So I've got a theory they're the ones doing the damage or paying people to do it, and then obviously getting the job of fixing it up as they're really well known in the area.

Despite having no proof of this I am 100% confident I am onto them.


I mean...probably.

Canada is starting WW3. THEY'RE TOO NICE!!!


We Canadians in the unlikely event wind up starting WW3, we'll bomb other countries with maple syrup missiles.


Oh, Nessie.

Loch* ness monster. It's probably a Dino that the feds dropped there to people don't suspect they are building a Jurassic Park.


That's why the monster is always asking for $3.50.


Checks out.


Dentists ask you questions with all that stuff in your mouth because they think it's funny to watch you struggle.


Wife is a dental assistant. I asked her this. She says it's to distract the patient to make them feel it didn't take as long as it really did.

EDIT: All you introverts, I totally understand. But Dentists are medical professionals. If it makes it worse for you, no problem. Just talk to them and explain. It will be fine.



Every episode of every reality show is either tightly scripted, or at least framed and re-shot so the producers can get the right amount of drama on the screen.


This has proof though. Most of The Hills actors, for example, have admitted this publicly.


This isn't common knowledge?

Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in his jail cell.


It's such a crazy situation I'm not even convinced he's dead. The way they paraded the body out of the jail was waaaaaay to perfectly set up. Way too, "Ooops, we totally didn't want you to see this. Please don't tell anyone what you saw.