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Tense Video Shows Just How Close Capitol Rioters Came To Finding Hiding House Staffers


On Wednesday, February 10 the House's impeachment managers revealed previously unseen security footage of the January 6 insurrection.

One particularly shocking clip played for the Senate showed House staffers rushing into a side chamber and barricading the door just minutes before insurrectionists arrived and attempted to break through the entranceway.

The footage, which shows just how close the rioters came to finding House staffers, demonstrated the very real danger the Capitol's workers were in.

Many people online denounced the Republicans who helped incite this violence and are now preparing to vote for President Trump's acquittal.

The video showed one Trump supporter bashing through the staffer's barricaded door and only turning away once he realized there was a second door beyond it.

Many observing the impeachment proceedings have reported Republican Senators like Josh Hawley have made no attempt to pay full attention to the evidence being presented.

No matter your political preferences, this footage should come as a shock.

Former President Trump's impeachment trial will continue in the Senate, with many expecting the President to be acquitted by Congress's Republican members despite the evidence presented against him.