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Florida Hospital Worker Arrested After Patient Catches Him Sucking On Their Toes

Florida Hospital Worker Arrested After Patient Catches Him Sucking On Their Toes
Lee County Sheriff's Office

A hospital worker in Florida was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly sucked on a patient's toes.

Frantz Beldorin, 23, was on the clock as a sitter at Fort Myers' Gulf Coast Hospital when the patient said she felt a "wet" sensation on her foot.

The unnamed patient was a senior citizen who at first dismissed the feeling of something touching her right foot at around 11 p.m. on Monday night.

WFTS reported that the patient initially thought it was the nurse checking for swelling.

But after a second and third time, the victim said she awoke to discover Beldorin kneeling next to the bed and leaning over her foot.

Twitter had a field day with the bizarre news story.

The victim yanked her foot away from Beldorin, and he immediately went back to his station in the room where he was working as a "sitter" for the patient's roommate who was classified as a flight risk.

Later, Beldorin poked his head around the curtain to check on the patient and asked if she was okay.

That was when she called for a nurse to report the incident.

The hospital security immediately contacted the sheriff's office.

Beldorin–who had been working with hospital patients for four years–was arrested on charges of battery on a person 65 years of age or older and was taken to Lee County Jail without incident.

The report did nothing to improve the current state of crazy in Florida.

Beldorin spent one night behind bars and was released from a $1,500 bond.

He claimed the heinous accusation was false and chalked the incident up to being a major misunderstanding involving his cellphone.

Beldorin told NBC TV:

"I dropped my phone under the bed. and as I'm trying to get my phone and she kicks."
"She's afraid and we're in the dark. It's a dark room with a dark male at the foot of her bed. I can understand."
"It makes me look crazy or creepy and I'm not! Like I'm not that type of dude."

Here is a video clip of Beldorin defending himself from the accusation on NBC2 News.

The alleged incident cost him his job and reputation.

Beldorin maintained his innocence and said he wants to set the record straight before his future is ruined.

"I know there's opportunities. But there won't be if I get hit with this felony."

Lee Health confirmed they are cooperating with law enforcement, but no further details were released because the case remains under investigation.