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Mom Outraged As Kids Put Rainbows In Their Windows During Quarantine To 'Spread Hope', Says Rainbow Flag Is A 'Weapon'

Mom Outraged As Kids Put Rainbows In Their Windows During Quarantine To 'Spread Hope', Says Rainbow Flag Is A 'Weapon'
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A recent trend among schoolchildren during lockdown has been to make rainbow art and display it in their windows to give hope to people in their community.

This adorable act of community was apparently too much for one Mumsnet user who complained that rainbow flags have become a "weapon."

Mumsnet user RuffleCrow posted in the forum "Am I Being Unreasonable" with a request for people to avoid letting their kids participate in this wholesome exercise because she is uncomfortable with the symbolism of rainbows.

In a post titled "Please don't put a rainbow in your window!" RuffleCrow wrote:

"For the past few years the rainbow has sadly become a symbol of silencing, sexual stereotyping and oppression for a lot of women and those in the LGB [T intentionally omitted by user] community."
"If you're thinking of putting one up, please think about how that may make women feel – many of whom have already experienced death threats and lost their friends and jobs thanks to those who wield the rainbow flag as a weapon."
“I just saw two on my walk just now and it made me feel like sh*t. Not the intended effect I'm sure. Please consider something else: the sun coming out from a cloud, or a simple landscape. Thanks."

There was a poll included at the end of the post, where users could vote that RuffleCrow was either being unreasonable or not.

The resounding result of the poll was that she was, in fact, being unreasonable. At time of writing, 92% of respondents had voted that they disagreed with RuffleCrow.

Many also had scathing comments.

"I think people have more to worry about at the moment than rainbows in windows ffs" -Bream
"A rainbow is not a symbol of oppression, don't be ridiculous. If you saw one in the sky would it also make you feel like sh*t" -FelicityBeedle
"You hate rainbows, don't put any rainbows on your house. There, job done. At least something today has made me laugh. [grinning emoji]" -marfisa
"People are f*kkin dying, if my kids want to put a bloody rainbow in their window to cheer a dogwalker up or someone out fetching groceries then they will. You don't own the rainbow. Rainbows are a natural occurrence" -Wannabangbang

Meanwhile, the trend has continued to grow and bring smiles to many faces.

Twitter has many photos posted with the hashtags #rainbowwindow and #rainbowsofhope.

A Facebook group related to the heartwarming trend, Believe In Rainbows, has nearly 100,000 members.

The groups description sums up the project nicely.

"Our children soon won't be able to see their friends. Create a rainbow picture to display in your window so that children can go rainbow spotting whilst out for walks."

Anything that can bring some hope and peace to folks who are scared and largely stuck at home during this public health crisis—especially the little ones—seems like a good idea.