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'Harry Potter' Fan Finds Letter They Wrote To J.K. Rowling When They Were 11, But Never Sent—And She Responded ❤️

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JK Rowling has always had a soft spot for her fans. A hopeful 11-year-old waiting for her letter to Hogwarts wrote a letter to Ms. Rowling years ago--and came across it again in adulthood. The response she got was touching.

Better late than never, right? That's what a fan from Sri Lanka thought upon coming across her 11-year-old-self's letter.


"I think this book is awesome," wrote the fan.

And less then a half hour later, Ms. Rowling responded.

And the reply totally made this girl's day.

The Harry Potter fandom is in love with this response.

Harry Potter defined a generation, and that generation will never forget it.

More things like this on Twitter please!

Magic really is real!

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