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Nikki Haley Called Out For Hypocrisy After Slamming Kamala Harris' Memorial Day Tweet

Nikki Haley Called Out For Hypocrisy After Slamming Kamala Harris' Memorial Day Tweet
Jessica McGowan/Getty Images; Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Nikki Haley, former Republican governor of South Carolina as well as former President Donald Trump's ambassador to the United Nations, is facing online ire after she criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for her Saturday, May 29, tweet telling people to enjoy the long weekend.

The GOP politician was evidently upset Harris did not talk about Memorial Day in that particular tweet.

Haley called Harris "Unprofessional and unfit" in a quote tweet Sunday afternoon.

But Harris had already tweeted about Memorial Day Sunday morning, 6.5 hours before Haley's criticism.

Harris noted people were preparing to honor those who sacrificed their lives for their country on Monday, the day of the actual national holiday.

Haley later tweeted about Memorial Day on Monday, over 24 hours after Harris, asking God to bless the families of those who sacrificed their lives.

Unfortunately for Haley, she then followed this up with a tweet about how she was happy to be spending time with her son—presumably enjoying the long weekend.

People on Twitter didn't hesitate to criticize Haley for her hypocrisy, with many throwing her own words right back at her.

The problem folks had with Haley's tweet was not that she was enjoying time with her son—indeed, many families spent Memorial Day weekend together after over a year of pandemic lockdowns.

The problem was the harsh criticism Haley leveled at Vice President Harris for wishing everyone enjoyment during their long weekend, then tweeting about enjoying herself on Monday. If Harris had completely neglected to mention the reason for the holiday, Haley might have almost had a leg to stand on.

But that wasn't what happened.

Others noted a distinct lack of outrage by Haley over her former boss' Memorial Day messaging, both past and present.


On a platform like Twitter—where character limits mean posts have to be concise—it just made sense for Harris to make two separate tweets. She posted one on Saturday to address one of the first major travel weekends since the pandemic began and a second on Sunday to address Memorial Day.

If only Haley waited to see if Harris followed up her weekend well-wishes, she might have been able to avoid the storm of accusations of hypocrisy and internet anger currently aimed in her direction.