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Guy Gets A Lecture From Reddit After Revoking His Wife's 'Privilege' To Choose Movies To Watch Because They Aren't As Artsy As His Picks

Guy Gets A Lecture From Reddit After Revoking His Wife's 'Privilege' To Choose Movies To Watch Because They Aren't As Artsy As His Picks
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With many of us stuck at home for an extended period of time, we're learning a lot about our significant others.

Some of us might even be realizing we have a significant other.

However, some of us are also seemingly doing everything we can to drive our significant other away. Well, okay, it's mostly one guy.

It's time we return to our favorite board on Reddit, AITA. For those not in the know, AITA is short for "Am I the A$hole?"

Responses can vary, but are usually one of these:

  • NTA - Not The A$hole
  • YTA -You're The A$hole
  • NAH – No A$holes Here
  • ESH - Everyone Sucks Here
  • INFO - Not Enough Information

Let's begin.

One Mr. Wimbleton10 tells of how he and his wife are spending their time self-isolating.

Mostly, watching movies.

They often switch off, but he's having a problem with this arrangement.

As he puts it:

"However, I feel that we have pretty different tastes. I appreciate movies that are more subtle and realistic, and she likes action-packed, over-the-top type films."
"The last few movies I picked were Richard Jewell, Dark Waters, The Farewell, and Just Mercy, and they were all incredible."
"She picked...Crawl (alligator movie), Knives Out, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. They weren't terrible but they were all pretty goofy and ridiculous."

Which, to be fair, much of what he's said is true. They probably do have different tastes in films.

Also his picks in movies are very good. And her movies are pretty goofy, though I wouldn't use that description to besmirch them.

People are different, but if you love someone, you'll find a way to enjoy the things they enjoy.

Or you'll revoke their movie picking privilege, I guess.

"Tonight she insisted it was her "turn" to pick a movie and tried to get me to watch Midsommar with her. I have heard it's very over the top and ridiculous, and I just can't deal with her taste anymore."
"I told her, sorry, after Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, your privileges are revoked. She got annoyed and told me I have s**t taste."

No one is expecting everyone to enjoy the same movies, but when you call someone out on their subjective opinion, you should know they'll do the same to you.

It's honestly fine that Wimbleton doesn't like his wife's picks. But acting like it's a chore to watch them with her, while his picks are above reproach is something else entirely.

Especially since he gets insulted at her feelings on his movie choices.

"This really bothered me since I am pretty passionate about film and at one point wanted to be a screenwriter. I ended up going upstairs to watch Netflix by myself and she watched something downstairs alone."
"Was I the a**hole? I just can't put up with another one of her picks."

Well, he's asked the internet a question and they are more than happy to respond.

"YTA. She apparently doesn't like your movie choices either but she sat there, shut up about it for 90 minutes and waited for her turn to choose."
"Get down there, apologize and watch the movie with her. Getting antsy during quarantine is no excuse to be mean to your wife." - IridianRaingem
"But how could she not like his movie choices? He is passionate about movies so, obviously, his taste is impeccable and far superior to hers."
"OP you're being an insufferable movie snob and are now gatekeeping what you and your wife will watch. Apologise. Quick. YTA." - OK_LK
"Okay mister passionate about film, wanted to become a screenwriter, what's the point of your passion if you can't enjoy movies from someone else's POV? frankly her choices sound great."
"No one is asking you to write a thesis about these movies just enjoy them WITH your wife" - tinydre
"YTA. Wanna be screenwriters tend to present as the pompous and arrogant type of A. Your phrasing here leads me to believe my experiences would be repeated.
It's a quarantine. Suck it up, take turns, and keep your lips zipped if her choices are too anything for you. Just remember, YOU were also a choice she made." - AnonTxHeathen

As they point out, she's sat through his choice of movies despite not really liking them, but he can't do the same for her.

The idea that they have "turns" to pick is probably more a turn of phrase than something they legitimately keep track of, but the idea he'd veto her movie because it's not artsy is still not a great look.

In fact, many took issue with his choice of movies, and justifications for why he felt his were better.

"INFO: Have you thought about picking a movie once in a while that isn't a total f****ng bummer? It sounds like she's choosing ones that are more lighthearted because everything you choose is depressing and that's exhausting after a while." - jimmyjrdanceparty
"This man 100% wears a beret in the house at all times and I'll fight you if you disagree." - InfinMD
"YTA. You are exactly the type of film snob everybody hates." - attackedbyparakeets
"Hey, he considered being a screenwriter man" - LunarMeow
"He even went to a Starbucks to work on it in public." - -StatesTheObvious
"No but he THOUGHT about it and learned the name of the Final Draft program but couldn't be bothered to actually buy it or learn anything about writing actual screenplays" - ThaneOfCawdorr

Apparently, this isn't the first time Wimbleton has appeared on AITA.

As the comments go on, people determined that this was the same man who accused his wife of lying about her weight, got upset with a server for charging extra for celery and admonished a coworker for talking about her unique health condition.

For all three, he was voted in the wrong for his actions.

"Mamma Mia, here we go again." - Dszquphsbnt
"Hey look, it's the guy that told his wife that she was lying about her actual weight! She hasn't left you yet?"
"Edit: holy s**t they've been married for 14 years??? This seems like 24 year old drama for me" - Run_13
"Yes. YTA. Definitely. Also you've been voted TA on every single post you've made on AITA so I think it should be fairly obvious by now that you're just sorta of TA in general.." - neny7857
"Notice how after his post about accusing his wife of lying about her weight, the very next post says that they're out at a restaurant and his wife is trying to eat "healthier" aka he crushed her spirit and she's worried about her weight for no reason" - piximelon

During this time, it's probably a good idea to take a little stock of your place in the world. We're all in this together and a little self-reflection can make things easier on the people around you.

Take the time to think about how what you do affects others, and in turn why the actions of someone else affects you as well.

And probably the most important bit of advice is to communicate with the people around you respectfully. You'll learn more about them, and yourself if you do.

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