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Georgia Cops Bluntly Shut Down Pro-Trumper Who Accused County Worker Of Stealing Election Computers

Georgia Cops Bluntly Shut Down Pro-Trumper Who Accused County Worker Of Stealing Election Computers
Megan Varner/Getty Images

Supporters of Donald Trump are growing increasingly desperate to prove fraud occurred election night rather than admit Trump lost bigly.

This has led to some, at best, embarrassing situations for these people.

But the claims can get dangerous too, as a Gwinnett County employee in Georgia discovered.

Police responded to claims of an employee removing a computer, only to discover it was not what was reported.

An Oklahoma Trump supporter watched a Twitter livestream from another user who claimed a man left a county building in Georgia with boxes of election computers. This made the Oklahoma man so upset he called the police department in another state to get someone to investigate.

Lawrenceville Police Department in Georgia was called and an incredibly pointless report was filed. In their report they stated the Oklahoma man was upset and wanted an officer to watch the livestream, figure out where the vehicle was and stop it.

The officer tracked down the Twitter user who livestreamed and followed the employee for ten miles. The officer investigated the boxes and found the employee was just upgrading desk phones in county offices.

No computers were found.

The officer's report explained what happened.

"(The Twitter user) advised why he was following the vehicle, because he believed the vehicle contained computers that had data on the 2020 General Election still on their hard drives."
"The Officer in the stream investigated the boxes in the (vehicle) and found that they were boxes of new desk phones that the County was upgrading to."

Back at the county office, a group of people watched the back door to ensure there weren't any computers being discarded, but also spent time harassing county employees.

Due to this harassment, the officer forced the group to move to the front of the building.

During the livestream, the Twitter user tried to tell the officer that "nobody was monitoring the voting facilities."

The officer responded:

"They've been monitoring the facilities all day."

Undeterred, the Twitter user again falsely claimed computers were taken from the county election office.

Another officer quickly shut that down.

"I'm gonna tell you, straight up, you're wrong. Because he's just a county worker replacing phones for the county."

Incidents like this led to a Georgia election official, Gabriel Sterling, condemning the rhetoric of President Trump. He compared shooting down these election conspiracy theories to "the most annoying game of whack-a-mole you can imagine."

He asked President Trump along with other administration officials to condemn this misinformation about the election process and the harassment of government employees simply doing their jobs.

The White House has yet to comment.